Engagement Teaser

You know those days when you just come across a dope place in the middle of nowhere and start shooting like there’s no tomorrow? No? Okay well this was that day for us. We went to Long Island looking for a place to shoot for Nipu and Titul. As we were driving we found this boulevard, and it was perfect. The trees were arranged in such a way that we couldn’t resist from taking some pictures there. From there we went to this rocky- beachy kinda place, and combining the shots from these two place you have Nipu and Titul’s engagement teaser.

Nikha Teaser

Coming together as one, Nipu and Titul sign their way into each other’s life. Their families came to support and celebrate this beautiful ritual with them. The bride had a little bit of tears at the end as she realizes that she will be moving in with her life partner. But the tears aren’t bad at all, because that shows how much she loves her family and will be missing them. However, they can’t also wait to spend the rest of their life together.

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